Sunday 2 October 2022

Read, write and cwtch the cat day

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Well, this is the last day of my two-week break from my day job. But, instead of getting all down in the dumps, I will look back on how I have used this break from the grind and what I have achieved from it.

Since this post, written at the start of my break, my meds seem to be slowly aiding my condition, and I am at last starting to see an improvement in my health. Fingers crossed, Methotrexate is finally the drug to get me back on my feet again...

Reading-wise, I have slowed down a little these past couple of weeks. But the current book I am reading, Guy N Smith's Death Bell, is one of my favourites of his so far. And I want to savour it, especially as I am so far ahead in my reading schedule this year :)

My biggest achievement over my two-week break from the day job is the progress I have made on Cold Comfort. I have now ploughed through most of the second draft of this, my longest novel, and am now a whole three months ahead of schedule. Instead of completing this second draft by the end of June, I now aim to get it completed by the end of March 2023. I will then take a few weeks break from Cold Comfort to work on the second draft of the vampire novel I wrote late last year. I hope to get the second drafts of both of this year's novels completed by the end of June. This will give me a solid six months to complete the third and final drafts of both novels, as well as produce my third Explore Gower guidebook.

So, all things considered, today is not a day to dread the coming of tomorrow and my return to the drudgery of earning a living. Instead, it is a day to celebrate the hard work I have put in these past few weeks to not only keep my creative spark alive, but to turn it into a blazing bonfire! 

Time to chill...