A Night down Gower

June 14, 2023

With the deadline for Remnants of War looming, I nipped down to Gower and my old playground of Salthouse Point, Crofty and toddling around a few other sites I needed to photograph for the book.

Afterwards, we spent a good few hours down Oxwich Bay, hoping to spot the biolescence plankton that has been reported there lately. No show tonight though and our lighter broke trying to light a fire. But the weather was warm, the water cool and my phone managed to get some atmospheric pics thanks to Tata Steel's blast furnace kicking off in the distance. Venus and Mars looked beautiful and were in the sky a fair while too. We also saw something bigger than a dolphin splashing in the sea for a good few minutes and saw a large meteor explode in the early evening sky. It was over in a flash though, to quick for a foto :( . 'Twas a lovely night. And it's great to see so many people's fascination with nature keeping them up all night. Got home with soggy feet around three in the morning. 💗🙆

Mars and Jupiter

Me watching the planets from Oxwich Bay. Pic by Stell.