Sunday 3 September 2023

It's September

September 02, 2023

It's September. Which means my August break from project work is over. Four projects will be occupying my evenings over the course of the next few weeks. The first is Cold Comfort, my 200,000-word zombie apocalypse novel. I want the final draft of Part One of the book completed this month. Expect to see the full book published sometime in early 2024. The second project will be Tidal Gower. I want to source as much of my photography for this guidebook by the end of September as possible. The third project is the horror novel I want to publish in 2025, which is set in a city office block. I have the title already sorted, and the main premise of the story is looking great. During the next four weeks, I want to put a little meat on the bones of the tale and take advice that there will be no legal or other repercussions for me, given the book's incendiary title and the nature of the novel. Finally, I have a couple of Guy N Smith books I want to read in the next few weeks. I need to start taking notes for my book on the addictive nature of collecting in general and, more specifically, the trials and tribulations of collecting GNS books, manuscripts etc. So, that's my September sorted...