Saturday 2 December 2023

Guy N Smith - Ready for the 1st Photoshoots

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Finally ready to roll on the Lego version of the GNS The Slime Beast cover, I got cracking on it early. 

I just need to find the font used on the original 70's book
now, and make a Lego version of the NEL logo. But
that's for another day...

With one photoshoot done and God knows how many more to go, I cracked on with a couple more shoots later in the day. Although I usually love the cover art of Guy N Smith's books, I'm not the greatest fan of the cover photography of my favourite two novels of his - Nightspawn and The Dark One. To be fair, they also aren't the easiest to reproduce in Lego form either. And so I've recreated two of the grimmer graveyard scenes in the books to make my own cover versions of horror novels.