Sunday 31 December 2023

Happy New Year

Looking back on my New Year's resolutions for 2023, I see I concluded the bulk of them satisfactorily. The one I did fail on was publishing my 1998 novel, Cold Comfort, the 1st draft manuscript of which has lain in a drawer for a quarter of a century! I can promise, though, that this book will definitely see the light of day in 2024... That said, I'm going to be less target-focused and more experience-focused in the next 12 months. I want to enjoy my life a little more and be less bogged down with endless looming deadlines. 

Health issues have again marred the previous 12 months, with my Methotrexate treatment starting to fail in its management of my condition. The drug itself has been very rough on me, with ulcers, tiredness, sore eyes and hair loss having taken its toll on me. Thankfully, my consultant is hoping to start me on a new medication later in January - a twice-monthly injection of Dupilumab - a new-wave biologic treatment that is meant to be a game-changer! Much of my progress and success in reaching my goals in 2024 will be dependent on my health, again encouraging me to forego the previous rigours of deadlines. 

With all going well, though, by this time next year, I hope to have accomplished the following goals: The publication of Cold Comfort, my book on the author Guy N Smith, and new issues of Explore Gower and Avalon, my Gower and Glastonbury guidebooks. 3 holidays - Brussels for a concert in March, Glastonbury for their May Day festival and Japan towards the close of the year. For regular readers of my blog, you may be aware of my log-jams in the writing of Pyewacket and Familar. There really hasn't been much progress on these over the last year, but I do plan to return to them when I find the time. Add to them the novel set in my work office and a sequel to Solstice, with a further collection of dark Christmas stories, and you will see that 2025 should keep me as busy as 2024 is sure to do. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone a fantastic year ahead 😊