An Afternoon venture into the Garden

Sunday, February 11, 2024

It was mild enough for me to go out into the garden today and have a little fire in the chimenea. It was lovely to see that Spring is finally starting to claw its way into 2024 :)


My Yew Cutting, taken from this magnificent tree down the Gower Peninsula, was looking nice and healthy:

My Yew Cutting (pruned to be a bonsai)

Another bonsai in the making - this time a Cherry Tree

It was nice to see that the Sycamore, grown from a trio of seeds I collected a trio of Sycamore from the sacred Chalice Well Gardens, the sacred in Glastonbury:

An old pic of the three Sycamore Seeds collected from Glastonbury

These three seeds have now formed a rather cool 'single' entity whose contortions continue to amaze :)