Accommodation Decisions

 Saturday, 09 March, 2024

We've settled into the little bungalow we have hired for a few days whilst we find somewhere slightly longer term to hang out whilst the landlord does whatever landlords do to get their houses fit for human (and cat) habitation at times like this. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring,.. "We've had an idea of how to make the best of things whilst away from our home, but we'll need to see if our son agrees when he comes back from his overnight stay with friends today. I'm hoping he agrees, though.

Anyway, it is certainly a time to count our blessings, so I will start with gratitude for the fact that we live in such a beautiful part of the world. As a photographer, the joy and comfort I receive from the landscape are immense, so I thought I'd close this update with some of the locations where we have been making our decisions these past couple of days. I am in no way a religious person, but despite everything that has happened lately, our family is still blessed.

This is the village where I grew up. My Mum's house has poor internet, so we parked up here to search for temporary accommodation where we can recuperate from life:

We have moved to this side of the bay for the next few days. Our usual home is on the other side of this bay (see the land to the left of the pic in the background.