Fudjcat Chillin'

Friday, 08 March, 2024

Stayed at my mum's on the day of the fire. Spent yesterday staying there looking after our surviving furbaby, Fudge, between viewing what is left of the house with our landlord, taking The Soosh to the vet to arrange her cremation, sorted out my meds (which may have been ruined by the electricity being switched off as they need to be kept refrigerated at all times) (the health team are getting to me on that on Monday), visiting my doctor as I needed antibiotics for my illness, and finally arranging where we are going to stay for the next few days whilst we take stock and move on. We are now a little off-grid for a few days whilst we take stock of how we move on from here and lick our wounds. Fudj looks like she has overcome her anxiety as she settled nicely in the Airbnb last night.