Sunday 14 April 2024

Penclawdd Industrial Revolution Slag

Sunday, 14 April, 2014

I took a walk out to the old rocks on the east side of the Penclawdd marsh this afternoon. These curious large boulders on the east end of the Penclawdd marsh are the industrial slag waste from the old metal works that were once located here and formed part of Britain's historic Industrial Revolution. During that time, coal, tinplate, lead, copper, silver and brass were all worked on this part of the Gower coastline. Today, as you can see, the landscape this industry once polluted to drive Britain's wealth is a scene of serenity.

I have been meaning to visit this area of Penclawdd for a while now, but I have always failed to take decent photos of these 'rocks'. I'm happy with the images I managed to harvest today, though. They will be useful for my Explore Gower book, Tidal Gower, which I shall be working on later in the year.

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