Friday 10 May 2024

A Night Down Rhossili To Remember

With my better half's Aurora-Watch app kicking off big style this evening, we decided to head on down to good old Rhossili, where we arrived just in time for a perfect sunset.

Free-roaming horses on Fairwood Common

Settling ourselves on the top of Rhossili Cliffs for the evening, we then waited for dusk, then the darkness to fall. 

The weather was perhaps the warmest it's been all year, and the sky was clear. Our hopes were high for a good Aurora display, as it was for many other people who later filled the clifftop until, by 11p.m., it was busier there than on a hot Summer's day in August!

And then, around 11p.m., the skies suddenly came alive with colour! And not just in the northern portion of the sky. These lights literally filled the sky in a phantasmagorical display!

It was one of, if not the best, natural phenomenons I have ever seen and definitely a night to remember.