Thursday 2 May 2024

Catch Up

Gutted I missed out on this year's May Day festivals in Glastonbury yesterday (especially after seeing these pics by someone who did attend 1  2 ), but I made up for it by getting a lot of work done on both my Swansea and Gower websites.

It's been a busy few weeks, as regular readers of my blog as facebook page will be aware, so I thought I would use today's post to publish some recent photographs I haven't has the opportunity to publish yet.

I'll start with this pic of our 8-year-old chickens, who remain at our old home while it's being refurbished but get daily visits to ensure their wellbeing. Here they are, photographed sometime during mid-April freelancing around the garden:

Next up are a few ðŸŠī pics (yes I still like to keep my fingers green).While I lost one Mandrake during the awful wet Welsh winter we have recently emerged from, this one survived and has sprung back into leaf: 🙂

And while my Mandrake is doing well, this gorgeous Crassula ovata (money tree) is currently displaying a Ruby flush that is gorgeous:

And finally, for now, here is my prize cactus, which is now sitting before the landing windowsill of our temporary home:

Well, that's me all caught up here now. Until my next post, keep well and happy.